General Information for 2018 Programs

The inauguration of the CPC Program created by the NBCRNA has brought about some significant changes in CE market conditions and IPGE is monitoring and responding to these changes in order to better meet your CE needs.

Our analyses indicate that a substantial decline in attendance at live meetings is expected to occur as a result of several factors. One of the principal reasons is the change from a 2 year to a 4 year recertification cycle which means a rather large number of CRNA's find themselves no longer needing to attend CE Programs because they will be retiring before it is necessary to recertify. Some demographic estimates put this number as high as 24,000 by the year 2022. In addition to the forecast attrition, newer graduates have indicated a preference for independent study as a means of keeping up with trends in practice. This makes internet programs and webinars attractive alternatives to traditional meetings.

Another concept that is becoming popular is the "do it yourself seminar". CE Anywhere is the IPGE internet program that allows you to select the lectures that best meet your needs and makes them available anywhere you have an internet connection. Many CRNA's are taking advantage of this concept by choosing their own destinations, dates, and topics to earn Class A credit. Depending on department policies, it may be possible to utilize CE funds to help defer the expenses associated with this type of CE. This being the case, we have decided to concentrate on developing a larger library of lectures for the CE Anywhere program that was inaugurated in 2008. We will be increasing the Credit value of CE Anywhere to 60 in Class A of the CPC Program. In order to assure that CE Anywhere lectures are current and meeting contemporary needs, we are planning several one day (10 CE Credit) meetings in smaller cities each quarter throughout 2018. These meetings will be primarily designed to record new lectures for the CE Anywhere program. The meetings will be advertised locally by regular mail and also to our email list. In addition, they will be included on the IPGE Web Site which will offer a convenient way to register on-line.

As always, we will continue to monitor market conditions and projections and will adapt as necessary to assure the availability of quality CE Programs that will meet your recertification needs.